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"I started Bum Glue Club - because I needed to make an appointment with myself to dedicate time to write - which I knew I'd cancel - unless others were relying on me to make an appointment for them to do the same."

If you never find the time to write.

Come to Bum Glue Club.

And write. (Anything). .


No wifi

No phones

No distractions

No expectations


Started by multi-award winning Melbourne filmmaker Katrina Mathers, we meet the second Tuesday of every month in St Kilda. Arrive between 6.30 & 6.45, fed and ready to work. $15 for casual visits or $11.50 pre-purchased ($7 for three times or more regulars, and $2 artist/no-questions-asked-just-come-anyway price), Cost goes towards website hosting, venue hire & some light nibbles. Pre-booking required due to limited spaces, even if paying cash on the night.




Katrina Mathers

Have a Question?


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch. 





Artist's Studio 106

Top Floor, 106 Barkly Street, St Kilda


If you're late, the street level door may be locked, you will need to phone upon arrival.


Clearway out front til 6.30pm

Parking best on Grey Street

Tram 3/3a & 67, Stop 34

Bus 246, 922 & 923, Fawkner Street 




Our next regular meetings are planned for:

Tue 11 Jun: St Kilda @106art 6.45-10pm $11.50

Tue 9 Jul: St Kilda @106art 6.45-10pm $15.00

Tue 13 Aug: St Kila @106art 6.45-10pm $15.00


Note that Bum Glue Club works best when we all start writing on time and we're not interrupted once we start. The first 15 mins is there as a buffer to arrive and set up, but if you're later than 15 mins, you will be locked out. 


Interested in hosting a Bum Glue session of your own? 

Email to be sent some guidelines. You're welcome to,

we encourage you to. The more glued bums, the merrier.




The first rule of Bum Glue Club, is you have to write. You don't have to share what you're working on, but you are free to if it helps. Anyone who contributes to an idea, must give permission for the originator to use that idea. I only ask people respect confidentiality, and also give thanks, by way of a credit to #BumGlueClub if something gets made as a result.

glue your bum

to the  seat  and write


Second Tuesday of the month. 6.30-10.30pm

Artist's Studio 106, Top fl, 106 Barkly St, St Kilda

bumglueclub.com  Booking or RSVP required

Such an awesome and inspiring event!

I surprised myself with how much work I got through...

Brilliant writing night. Stuff was done!

I now have more words on the page... I enjoyed putting them there.

Fabulous initiative!


So it's a Tuesday night & pleased to report I invoked #bumglueclub this evening...



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